"I was turned down by my Credit Union, paid for 2 appraisals with two mortgage brokers, and was ready to loose my deposit.  I was referred to Nelson Gonzalez, the seller paid all of my closing cost and 3 weeks later I was a home owner!"       -Tiff Stuaert

"I appreciated the fact that they were there to answer questions for me late nights and on weekends as I work long hours, thanks guys!"    - Jose Rivers

"I was hesitant at first, I wanted to work with my bank, but when they told me it could take up to 60 days to close I switched to Primary Residential.  Nelson's fees were reasonable, the rate was the same as my bank, the service was incredible and I closed in less than 30 days! plus at closing all I had to bring was my down payment!" - Lorenz Allen

"As a real estate investor, I need my homes sold quickly in order to continue to keep my business flowing.  Numeros buyers have come to me with pre-approvals from Big Name Banks and have failed to close time after time.  However, when the buyers come refferred from you, they have all their paperwork done and come with an Approval Letter from one of your Mortgage Partners, I have never failed to close.  Thank you" - Garret Song

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